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Hi Everyone,

A quick note here and news about my novel, Wanderer Come Home!  I have finally completed the work of formatting, redesigning a new cover, and making a final edit of Wanderer on which I have been working for the past several months.  As you may recall, I have been preparing Wanderer for print and now that process is complete.  So in two weeks I plan to submit Wanderer Come Home to 48 Hour Books for printing and should have copies in hand by the end of March.  This process will also produce a revised version of Wanderer as an ebook but may take a little longer before the revised ebook is ready for purchase.  One reason the ebook may take longer is because I’m looking at various alternatives for retail distribution.  I may stick with Smashwords (which I used for a short period, last year) or I may try direct sales of both the print and ebook versions myself; it depends on what seems most practical.  So stay tuned; I’ll keep you up to date as things develop.

Also, may I just mention that because I am self-publishing the print edition of Wanderer, I will have to price the book a little higher than other, comparable books on the market—those offered by large, commercial publishing houses.  I expect Wanderer to retail at $27 USD but, although it’s a “Perfect Bound” paperback, I’m having it printed at 48 Hour Books who produce a superior quality product, not usually found in bookstores or through online retailers.  This book might very well outlive both you and me and will be, at any rate, an attractive and enjoyable addition to your library for years to come.  If you have further questions, please either post them in the comments below or email me via [email protected].  Thank you!    Dale


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  1. Congratulations ! This is great news 🙂 Yet another achievement.

    1. Thank you. I’m learning a lot about the publishing end of this profession. It’s fun too but takes time.

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