About the Author

Dale Tucker

A native of California, Dale spent much of his childhood in Palo Alto and Fresno before the family moved to north-central Idaho in the late 1960s.  Over the next four decades, he graduated high school, raised a family, earned a degree in English, and explored a number of career paths, including music store manager, church minister, abstract painter, and museum curator.  2006 saw the redirection of his artistic energies as he transitioned from painting to writing with a focus on literary fiction.  Themes that especially appeal to Dale are issues related to poverty, simplicity of living, and spirituality.  Wanderer Come Home is his first novel and addresses all three of these themes.

Dale is currently retired and spends his time writing, cooking, Nature-watching, and gardening at his home, sheltered in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina, with his soulmate, Kathryn, and his Manx cat, Dill.

And For A More Personal Introduction —

I have been told I over-think things, but at least I think about them.  I am a stubborn non-juggler which means I do one thing at a time.  I’m a tireless worker when the work interests me but an insufferable procrastinator when it doesn’t.  I ask too many questions because I love learning.  I enjoy the company of others but in small doses.  I can’t breathe without a certain amount of solitude.  I distrust authority mainly because it has never proven trustworthy.  I believe in undying loyalty but not blind loyalty.  I spring from peasant roots of which I am proud.

I love deeply, without reservation.  I love peace but will stand up for the downtrodden.  My heroes are John Ball, Robert Kett, and Gerrard Winstanley.  Henry David Thoreau is my favorite author.  My favorite work by him is “Wild Apples.”  Trees are my bards; birds are my minstrels; and Nature my guru.  The designation of “family” comes with the obligation of being good company – that which is enjoyable and not tedious.  But family, is a relationship not determined by blood; it is determined solely by how individuals accept and treat each other.

I am disgusted by smugness, entitlement, and narrow mindedness.  I accept religion where it is merciful, righteous, and loving.  I embrace both mushy love and firm responsibility.  I believe that greed is a symptom of psychological poverty and generosity is the true indicator of wealth.  I believe that children should play outside and don’t need cell phones or electronic devices. I believe everyone should dream at night and during the day whenever possible.

There’s more I can say, but I think you’ve gotten a picture of who I am.  I take it for granted you know I’m a writer.  My genre is literary fiction.  Two of my favorite jobs, aside from writing, have been managing a music store and teaching international adult students English.  Yep, now I’m certain I’ve said enough.