How Do You Like My Book Blurb?

Okay folks.  I could really use your help (that means comments) on this one.  Today, I’ve written a possible book blurb for my novel.  The blurb is a description of the novel, the story, or content of the book.  We read the blurbs to decide if we’re interested in reading the book.  If the blurb is compelling, we purchase the book and can’t wait to crack it open and begin reading.

So, what I need to know is:  After reading the blurb below, do you want to read the book AND would you then purchase it?  Whatever comments you offer will be very helpful to me and much appreciated.  The blurb is still in rough draft form but here it is:

book blurb

At age eight, upon witnessing his best friend, Dixie, being hit by a car while riding her bicycle, a life-changing mystery confronts Axel Browne.  This mystery will shape his life for the next sixty-two years, compelling him on a search for an improbable solution—finding Dixie Larsen whom he believes has been reincarnated.

Fast-forward to 2018.  Now, Axel is seventy years old, lives in a friend’s toolshed, and has all but given up on ever finding Dixie in his lifetime.  Then a second car accident and death of a friend upends Axel’s life once more.  The series of events which unfold from this accident exhume a clue from the past which could resolve Axel’s mystery and lead him to Dixie.

Wanderer Come Home is a story about undying love and a child’s promise, and how the mysteries beyond reality on Earth shape our lives as mortals.