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woman sitting in front of black table writing on white book near windowWriting Talk, What Is It?

Writing Talk is a new feature of this blog with the aim of encouraging fellow writers who are engaged in the daunting process of writing a full length book.  With Writing Talk, I will share some of what I have learned but would hope that WT evolves into a discussion about writing where you, as a writer, offer your insights and ideas as well.

My experience, in terms of number of books published, is not extensive.  Yet, I think what I have to offer can be useful to anyone trying to get around writer’s block or figuring out how to organize a story or develop a narrative voice or address any one of a score of other common writing hurdles.  And everyone is welcome.

If nothing else, I hope Writing Talk will give me the opportunity to speak about the craft I love — writing the novel — while at the same time, allow me to meet other serious scribblers.  If you are experiencing some general or specific difficulty with your own work, then please take a minute to describe your difficulty in a comment below.

I promise to address your comment and hope that what I can offer—and what others might add in the comments section—will help you on your writing journey.

Sometimes just knowing we are not the only person dealing with a particular type of difficulty is enough to get us recharged and moving again.  So how about it?  Will you give it a try?

My goal is to post a Writing Talk article every day.  So please do drop in and say hello from time to time.  And bring your coffee, tea, or wine and stay a while.


6 replies on “Writing Talk — A New Feature”

  1. Wow ! This is a great initiative. Looking forward to reading more. Would love to know more about the nuances of writing 🙂

    1. Hi Edelweiss. Well, I hope it will be useful. Your input from time to time would be very cool. See you around.

  2. Great initiative. I’ve been writing stuff since childhood, on and off, between jobs and raising kids, but apart from my blog This World, This Life (http://travellin-bob2.blogspot.com) I’ve published nothing. When I retired in 2018 I intended to focus on my writing, having embarked on the book of short stories and memoir primarily for my kids to read, and hopefully one day find a publisher prepared to take a chance on me. I was just building up a head of steam and caught Covid, twice in a six month period, and it’s left me with concentration issues, sleep problems, and all kinds of other mental problems that I’m working through slowly. Apart from the blog my writing has really had to take a back seat – God knows when or if the Muse will make its presence felt again!

    1. Hi Bob. Thanks for commenting here. I’m really sorry to hear about your illnesses but I hope you will find yourself back on track soon. I retired fully in 2020 and that gave me the time I needed to finish my novel which took about three and a half years to write (but it’s also an oversized work, so, you know). But though you may not be able to work on your writing as you would like right now, I’m hoping that this Writing Talk feature (which I’m now calling Talk Write) will attract a circle of writers where we may discuss our work and otherwise encourage each other. It would be great if you’d offer your insights also. Dale

      1. Thanks, Dale. I’m sure I’ll get there eventually….. I’m coming to the conclusion I’ll have to force myself to write, rather than wait for the Muse. It’s a bit tricky as being a househusband takes up more time than it should (working wife, two school age kids, dog and cat….say no more!) and that eats into any creative time. Just have to keep pushing it! And I’m happy to contribute in any way I can – perhaps take this off-Comment and discuss via email or something?

        1. Yes, I hear you on the day to day responsibilities which usually demand priority over our time writing. But, too, I’ve always said that art is the product of living, not the other way around. As a writer you already know that all of your story material comes from observing life—what happens to you and around you every day. And, yes, please do contact me via email. I’ve posted my email address in the top menu of my blog under CONTACT. But here is my email address: [email protected] Feel free to write me; I’d be glad to hear from you. Dale

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